Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ask the Engineer About Self Leveling Gutters

Gutters often have one or more low spots that accumulate standing water. If water accumulates more than a half inch, that's more than can evaporate in the four days it takes mosquito larvae to mature thereby turning the gutters into be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

One of the benefits of the Waterloov Gutter Cover System is that unlike other solid top gutter covers it passes only small debris that accumulates in the low spots of the gutter and fills them in and acts as a false bottom. No water accumulates any more. This is what is meant by self leveling gutters and Waterloov is the only product that does it.

Take a look at your gutters to make sure they are secure and not sagging in the middle. Extreme sagging can be an indication of facia problems or a substandard installation. It may be time to have your gutters rehung or replaced.

Eliminating standing water isn't just beneficial for you it's a public service.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Robot Tries To Clean Gutters!

The most recent issue of Consumer Reports had a small article titled, "Can a Robot Clean your Gutters?

Consumer report bought the device at a price of $170 and tested it. The device is battery powered and remote controlled for distances up to 75 feet. It has rubber tracks instead of wheels with spinning flappers on the front end to whip the debris out of the gutter as it crawls along the gutter. It can not maneuver corners.

They found that in many situations its simply faster to clean by hand rather than to use the robot. The also found that it occasionally sticks and has to be rescued and that "This robot is not so hot. It flipped many leaves back into the gutter or toward the roof instead of the yard."

We can't really call this device competition for the Waterloov Gutter Cover System since it's clearly for the homeowner who really wants to continue efforting at cleaning gutters and maybe have a little frustrating fun.

This just goes to show you how much of a problem clogged gutters are for homeowners who have to deal with them. Homeowners seem to be willing to try anything to help make gutter cleaning as effortless as possible.

Just like with trying to loose weight, quick fixes don't always work as advertised. A real solution to the problem can usually be found by using a proven professional approach thay may cost a little more but will give you the results you're looking for.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Engineer Meets Gutter Cover Owners

A happy Waterloov gutter cover customer recently invited me to a networking event where I had a heart warming gutter cover experience.

I was in a small group of four introducing ourselves to each other and one gentleman asked me what I did. I replied, "I protect gutters." No sooner than I got the word gutters out, he asked, "Are you from Waterloov?"

I was amazed how quickly he remembered the name, Waterloov. He went on to quickly share with me that over the years he's had two homes in the area and on each one he had Waterloov installed.

He said, "I had them come over to give me an estimate and after receiving the quote I paused a moment thinking that it was a lot of money but bought it anyway." He added that "It's the best investment I ever made. I had sixty trees on my last house before I moved into a condo and never once had to deal with my gutters after your product was installed. I had about twenty trees cut down to install an in ground pool and it was still a nightmare dealing with all the leaves from the other trees getting into my pool. But the good news was I never had to do anything with the gutters. "

I can't tell you how good it felt later on during our introductions to the group to have not one but two happy customers amongst all the new people I met to and to have them whole heartedly recommend Waterloov's gutter guards to the remainder of the group.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Other gutter guards that clog

I found a comment posted by a roofer about a particular brand of gutter guard that he found clogs.

This picture came from a page that shows an installation of this product.

Photos that shows other gutter guards in real environments are our best advertisement. You will never see leaves inside of Waterloov.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silly Way to Clean Gutters

Surfing the web and found an entertaining approach to cleaning gutters. Everyone knows that you can go up a ladder and use a hose to flush gutter clean. Of course you have to remove the leaves by hand and then flush the gutters.

Well, the inventor of this product decided to skip the ladder and use a pipe to get water up to the gutter and then a hook direct it down into the gutter. It's something any third grader would probably think of. But what about all the debris in the gutter? I guess all those leaves and twigs are going to be washed to the downspout and then flow down the downspout?

I find it amazing that anyone would think that device would be of benefit much less purchase it. Again, other products are our best advertisement for the Waterloov Gutter Protection System.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can Pine Needles Get Into My Gutter Guards?

A customer called a few days ago to tell me that her Waterloov gutter covers were clogged. She had the product for ten years and was fearful that the gutters were clogged. I asked if anyone had ever brushed her gutter guards and she said no.

Sure enough, pine needles were crusted on the lower gutters (more so than the upper gutters). Fortunately it had just rained and it wasn't necessary to wet the louvers. Just a couple swipes with the brush on the end of a telescopic pole and the gutter guards looked like new.

Nothing had gotten inside the gutters and she was amazed how nicely they cleaned up. Once she saw how easy it was to clean them she purchased a telescopic pole and brush to do it herself.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all gutter covers, gutter guards, gutter filters, and screens were this easy to maintain.