We arrived at our customer's home in Fair Haven NJ to do a routine servicing of the Waterloov gutter guard. The advantage Waterloov has over all other systems is that it can be serviced from the ground.

While some manufacturers of gutter guards would have you believe that no servicing is ever necessary, the truth is that in heavy debris conditions all gutter guards require servicing. The benefit with the Waterloov Gutter Guard, is that it's easy to see where servicing is required. With this customer the entire 40' run of second story gutters requires brushing once a year to keep them functioning.

While we were there we noticed that the last foot or so of gutter and Waterloov Gutter Guards had been somewhat smashed by hurricane Sandy. The last two feet of the Waterloov gutter guards directly over the downspout were not collecting water.

It took us fifteen minutes to put up a ladder and take a closer look. It also gave us a perfect opportunity to look inside and see how the gutters were doing after fifteen years of service. Photo attached showing nothing inside the gutter but a dead spider. That itsy bitsy spider didn't make it down the spout.

Five minutes of working on the gutter and resealing the end-cap that had been knocked loose had it once again ready for the next rain. Technically, the homeowner would qualify for a new gutter from her homeowner's insurance. Problem is that her deductible is higher than what the cost of replacement  would be. So since this gutter is high and basically out of sight (no esthetic concerns) the repair will do fine.

Another two minutes of reforming the bent Waterloov gutter covers to make them functioning were all that was necessary. Two minutes later and they were installed on the repaired gutter for a total cost to the homeowner of just $20.

Again, if this damage were on a lower more visible gutter, replacement of the gutter as well as the damaged two feet of Waterloov panels would have made sense. However, in this case, the only concern was to have the system function and keep the gutters clean inside.

With a system like Leaf Guard, this would not have been an option--the entire gutter would have had to have been replace at a cost of about $500. That would have been out of pocket for the homeowner as the deductible is $500.