Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 2013 Waterloov Gutter Guards Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Waterloov® Gutter Guard Co. Provides Homeowners Important Information Regarding Gutters and Gutter Guards With the Release of 2013 Buyers Guide for Gutter Guards OAKHURST, NJ, Aug 1, 2013 With heavy rain falls though out most of the country the importance of getting water away from foundations of homes is of foremost concern. Two main factors contribute to foundations being deluged with water: 1, Poor landscaping resulting in rain water draining to the foundation. 2. Poorly operating gutters caused generally by clogging from leaf and tree debris. To correct the first is to employ a professional landscaper. To correct the second is to have the gutters cleaned and protected with gutter guards to keep gutters and leaders free flowing. With over one hundred different gutter covers and gutter guards from which to choose, many homeowners are overwhelmed Waterloov® Gutter Protection, the nation's leading gutter protection company, has released the 2013 Buyers Guide for Gutter Guards to provide homeowners the important questions to ask any contractor who may install gutter protection on their homes. With release of The 2013 Buyers Guide for Gutter Guards, Waterloov® Gutter Cover Company has provided homeowners with a guide that contains vital question every homeowner should ask of any potential contractor. Homeowners will now have a resource to aid in understanding how to choose the most effective gutter guard system. There are four basic designs from which to choose when selecting a gutter guard system. Most work well in light debris conditions, but are not a good fit for heavy debris conditions. “With over a hundred different gutter guards from which to choose, it can be very overwhelming to choose the right to get the job done. The good news is that 98% of them fit into four basic design types,” states Richard Kuhns, President of R.K. Industries, manufacturer of the Waterloov Gutter Guard. “We compiled a list of questions every homeowner should ask of any company representing gutter protection.” The 2013 Buyers Guide for Gutter Guard provides the eight most important questions to ask, which are: • Everyone says you get a Life-Time Warranty, but what does that actually mean? • Are there any hidden fees later down the road? • Will this system work in all kind of conditions? • Will this system fit any kind of roof? • Will this system actually collect my valley water or will it fall onto my head as I go in my home? • Is my roof warranty void once you put your system on my roof? • Does your product guarantee that I will never have to climb a ladder again? • If for any reason the gutter cover itself gets clogged, will you come out to clean it and how much do you charge? • What maintenance should I expect with gutter guards and who does it? The 2013 Buyers Guide for Gutter Guards can be easily downloaded by going to the Waterloov.com website. To discover the differences between the four basic designs a detailed analysis of each is at www.leafguards.com About Waterloov Gutter Cover Co, Div of R. K. Industries Inc. The Waterloov Gutter Guard system is one of the top rated gutter guards by a Consumer Reports. The Waterloov Gutter Protection system is one of two systems available with two rows of louvers in the front vertical surface. The size and amount if debris that can get into the gutter is limited to the size of the openings. Whereas most gutter guards have openings in the horizontal surface that actually attracts debris, the openings in the Waterloov design are in the vertical surface so gravity works for you instead of against you. Twenty four years of service has demonstrated that gutters protected by the double row louvered system never clog inside and any maintenance that may be required in heavy heavy debris conditions is done by the homeowner with a telescopic pole and brush—never a need to call for servicing. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been installed through out the country with Waterloov. For more information about Waterloov Gutter Guards visit the website or call (800) 841-RAIN (7246). FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Contact: Michael Nicolosi Waterloov® Gutter Cover Co. div of R. K. Industries Oakhurst, NJ 07755 USA 732-531-1123 michael@Waterloov.com http://www.waterloov.com waterloov roof


  1. Our eavestrough in Calgary broke two months ago, and we went with a waterloov for a replacement. Works so much better than the old one ever did.

  2. This has been a great blog. I have been looking for a roofing Calgary. Does anyone know of a place that would help me?