Friday, March 12, 2010

Gutter Covers And Steep Roofs

Will gutter covers work on a Mansard (very steep) roof?

Maybe,  many gutter guards are not recommended for very steep or very shallow roof pitches greater than 12 on 12 or lower that 3 on 12.

How about your gutter covers, can they be installed on a mansard roof and how is it done?

Yes, the Waterloov Gutter Guards have been installed successfully for twenty years on Mansard roofs.

The Waterloov leaf guards can be installed on any  pitch of roof even almost vertical. The gutter protectors are installed either by bending the back of the waterloov gutter guards to match the near vertical roof and slid in under the roofing shingle or a ledge can be installed against the roofing with the rear edge of the Waterloov leaf guards laid on top of the ledge.

The Waterloov panels can be manipulated in the field or modified during production to fit any roof pitch and just about any gutter location.

Contact the manufacturer for specifics at 1-800-841-RAIN or by e-mail

Friday, March 5, 2010

Removing Your Waterloov and Regretting it Later.

Received a call from a customer in Maryland (my old stomping grounds). He's had Waterloov for several years but been having a problem with a valley and had never called us to fix the problem.

A gutter guard company making their rounds in his neighborhood had convinced him their system would work better. It made sense to him at the time and he had them remove Waterloov from the gutters connected to the valley and install their system.

Guess What?

A year later he called us because he was disappointed with the other guys product which not only didn't fix the valley problem but now his gutter is clogged. He's very sorry that he hadn't called us to find out about our Valley Fall treatment for valleys.

His gutters that are still covered with Waterloov are not clogged, only the gutter with the different product is clogged.

This is the second person within a year that has made the mistake of having his Waterloov removed only to deeply regret it later on.

The Valley Fall valley treatment was designed to control water in roof valleys without compromising the gutter covers ability to keep the gutter free flowing